The J. Family

I had a session with the J. Family today. They were so awesome! Desiree is actually due to have a little boy in 3 weeks! I can't wait to see how cute he is, their little girl is so cute! Today just so happened to be CRAZY windy outside, so we were able to go inside of the old hotel above Wally's Jewelery in Blackfoot (Thanks to an uncle of the J. Family, who owns it.) We found a few cool backgrounds and places, but because I don't have practice with indoor lighting I was a tad bit worried about how they would turn out. To my suprise a few turned out awesome from inside the building! Then we ventured through the allies close by and took a few more pictures and now I had to choose some to post on the here... it was hard and I didn't narrow it down very much because I love them all so much! So here are the pictures I chose and have fallen in love with! Thanks guys for an awesome awesome session! Hope you like this long preview of pictures :)

There was a really awesome spiral staircase

A beautiful paisley background we found... I have never wanted a studio before just because I love the natural lighting and beautiful scenery outside... but after we found this background I think I want a studio with a few backgrounds... including one like this.

I can never decide between sepia and color so here is both

In these pictures I didn't even tell harmony to turn around! I am so glad she did!
These two are my absolute favorite!!

I love the blue door!!

Harmony is a very beautiful girl!

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