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I am still accepting applications for my 2010-2011 Senior Reps...

Senior Reps
Heather Sellers Photography is currently accepting applications for Senior Reps for the year 2010-2011. We are looking for 2 reps from each local high school. This is mainly for Snake River and Blackfoot, but if you are from any other surrounding area high school and are interested- APPLY!

What must I be?
On track to graduate in Spring 2011

What do I get out of it?
1 free on location session (up to 3 hours)
1 CD of 10 images to put on your facebook, my space, etc. (not for printing)
1 proofing gallery of up to 30 images to order from
your announcements designed for free
100+ senior rep cards
$5 print credit for every friend you refer that books a session with me

How does it work?
You will receive a free individual session to be taken before July 2010. We will also be doing a few big group sessions. I will make some rep cards for you and you will receive your CD by August 2010. Next all you have to do is hand out your rep cards to friends, family, other seniors, show everyone your pictures on facebook and my space and promote Heather Sellers Photography to the best of your ability. For every rep card that is brought to me you receive $5 printing credit. Once you have referred 5 friends you will receive another 90 minute session. You may also receive bonuses when you reach 10, 20 or 30 referrals. By 2011 if referred at least 5 friends to me you will receive a free mini session to be taken between January and April.

Is there a catch?

This is a fun and exciting opportunity for both of us. You’ll earn print credits, free sessions and more. All I ask is that if you become a senior rep you put time and effort into doing the best job possible. Reps who do not have at least 2 referrals by March 2010 will be required to pay the $200 session fee that was waived at the time of your original session.

The only other thing I ask of you as my representative is that you do not represent any other studio during the year of 2010-2011. If you become a senior rep for Heather Sellers Photography we expect you to promote us and only us.

Your parents must be okay with you being a rep. They need to be willing to sign a release allowing Heather Sellers to use your photos for our website and other advertising purposes.

How do I apply?

Send me an email (sellers.photo@gmail.com). In this email please include:

  • your name & Parent's names
  • birthday
  • current high school
  • cell & home number
  • photo of yourself
  • any activities you're involved in at school
  • why you want to be one of my senior reps

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