The Sellers Wedding

My brother in law Nathaniel was married to his sweetheart Kristen yesterday in the Rexburg LDS temple. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and everything went so well. The light was perfect and I got so many great shots I had a hard time choosing which ones to post... which is why this is a long post. Congrats Nathaniel and Kristen!

 The reception was absolutely amazing! The Olbeter's came up with everything and it looked beautiful. And to add to all the beautiful decorations there were trays and trays of delicious food. As the bride and groom left everyone blew bubbles or held sparklers. It looked pretty neat.


Ronna said...

Beautiful photos Heather, and wow,what a great looking reception!

Heather Sellers said...

Thank you so much Ronna!! The reception was amazing and we were sure fed well!