I went out tonight and had fun taking pictures with my little sister, my husband, my daughter and two of my favorite cousins. After I took the above picture of my beautiful little sister we went to take pictures down by the river off of west bridge street in Blackfoot, we took some great ones by the cute wood bridge. We started heading back into the trees and saw a dog clear back by the river so we tried staying up in the front. We had quite a group of people, it was my husband, my little sister, my daughter, 2 of my cousins and pregnant me. We went a little farther back and saw a bearded man back by the fire pit. I recognized him from back in April when I had a session there with a senior. We stayed far away the day of that session because it was just Katie and me and the look of him frightened us. Well today the second we got a little closer, but still at a distance that man flipped out. He started yelling and swearing at us saying things like "Get out of here" and "What the **** is this a family reunion." It was very scary and I am grateful that my husband was around. My sister, Kellie and I started running out of the trees and back to the cars. My sister had my daughter, I followed her and then came my cousin Dustin. Thomas and cousin Alex stayed back to make sure he wasn't coming after us. Apparently while they were back there he was coming at them. Thomas was ready to defend his family and so was Alex. Luckily a guy across the river yelled for the bearded man to knock it off and leave us alone. The bearded man then threatened the guy across the river saying he was going to shoot him. Thomas and Alex then came to the car and I insisted my husband call the cops. We drove over by the boat ramp and sat there while he talked to the cops. They said they would send someone. We sat and waiting for the cop to come for about 15 mins. Eleanor, my daughter started crying and was getting kinda upset. We then decided to leave. As we were pulling out we saw the bearded man walking out too. He saw us and started chasing after us. We hurried and drove away.

I really just wanted to warn everyone of this man. He might be gone now, but who knows if he will be back. I don't know if he has a gun or if he is even dangerous or just all talk, but I do know that he is scary. I do not think any of us should go down there without a husband or friend who can check things out and protect. I am very grateful I was not down there alone because it could have turned out very differently.

Anyways, more pictures to come soon, it is bedtime now!


Kate said...

Holy crap! That's quite the story. Glad you're ok

Heather Sellers said...

Thanks Kate, me too! I was scared for to death!