Paula and Joseph again!

We took more pictures today because they wanted some in the snow! It was lots of fun! Thanks for being freezing and doing crazy things for the camera!
Joseph had the idea for them to make snow angels! It was cold but they did it and we got some fun pictures!

This is my absolute FAVORITE picture, I just love it, and they even posed like this all by them selves!

We cleared a spot of the ice and put a small towel down and they layed down in the snow for me! Thanks guys I love it!

They posed like this on their own too!

More laying in the snow!

Through the trees! Beautiful!

I love this picture too! When we got our engagement pictures we had a picture like this and I loved it! So I had them do it too and LOVE it!

Thanks guys! That was so much fun!


TotallySavage said...

Heather you are so talented! I love the kissing one and the laying in the snow . . . way good! AND I love the picture with the snowmen ones that has Pam and Thomas in it . . .I can't describe it fully but I just love it! :)

Nelson and Katie Arave! said...

heather i just LOVE the picture on the railroad tracks...so classy!