So my friends Erica and Keni let me take their pics today, and they invited their friend Whitney, who is such a sweetheart! We had alot of fun even though it was FREEZING! Thanks for sticking it out guys! I had lots of favorites, so here they are:
I finally got to try out a place I've been looking at for awhile. Erica is so pretty! This is the one photo from that place!

Whitney was great for the camera! I'm hoping she lets me take her senior pics in 2 years. She is so gorgeous!


Erica wanted a foot-popping kiss pic.

We went to the river bottoms behind a friends house and the outlet of the river was totally frozen over, this is erica and whitney actually on top of the river. It was cool!

I LOVE this picture! I am so glad that I found this cool angle for this picture. It's one of my favorites!

Keni was being a sport about everything, even though he totally didn't really want his picture taken. But this picture is great! The wind was screwing up hair alot, but in this one, it did awesome stuff!

I LOVE this picture! It is just one of my very favorites!!

THANKS GUYS!! I will take your picture anytime! And Whitney make sure you come back for your senior pics in 2 years :) I would love to take them! And Erica you already know I'm taking yours in a year :)

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